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Who Should I Contact?
Service Required
Whom to Contact
Report graffiti
Youngtown Police Department Crime Stop
Ph: 602-876-1011
Service street lights
Arizona Public Service
Ph: 602-228-2233
Report an abandoned car (please provide location, make and license number of car.)
Youngtown Police Department Crime Stop
Ph: 602-876-1011
Report a code violation
Code Enforcement
Ph: 623-933-8286
Street sweeping or debris, down trees, or dead animals on the right of way
Public Works
Ph: 623-933-8286

Street Sweeping
Neighborhood streets are swept once every three weeks. If your sidewalk or street requires attention contact us.

Graffiti Reporting
Graffiti contributes to neighborhood blight and needs to be immediately removed. Municipal Code Title 9.08.11 requires property owners to remove graffiti within seven days of the date of discovery. If you are unable to remove the graffiti due to physical infirmities or financial restrains, contact us immediately. Should you see an individual placing graffiti anywhere in the town, contact the Police Department Crime Stop at 602-876-1011.

Street Lights
The street lights in Youngtown are the property of Arizona Public Service. If for some reason you are unable to contact APS to report an outage, contact us and, when possible provide the number on the pole, which is visible from the ground. If no number is present, give us the address closest to the street light.

Barking Dogs Complaints
If you feel unsure about leaving a note or talking to your neighbor, please feel free to contact Code Enforcement at 623-974-3665.  Code Enforcement will address the issue with providing educational information to the neighbor to possibly find a solution.  If you feel the problem has not been resolved we will issue a citation to the resident of the property.  As the Complainant you will need to complete the Barking Dog Complaint Form and testify in court for prosecution.

Contact Us
For more information, please contact the Youngtown Public Works at 623-933-8286.

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