Home Hazardous Waste Material Program

The Town of Youngtown will offer an annual hazardous waste pick-up service to residents.  This service provides an easy and convenient way for residents to dispose of items generated from their homes, which are unable to be disposed of in the regular trash or recycling container.

Please fill out the Home Hazardous Waste Material application, and email the form to nsmart@youngtownaz.org or mail to 12030 N. Clubhouse Sq. Youngtown, AZ 85363.

Schedule your appointment here between March 30 and April 16.
Pickups will occur April 20th through May 8th 

If you have questions please feel free to contact Town Hall at 623-933-8286, or email nsmart@youngtownaz.org

Acceptable Items  
• Antifreeze, car batteries, motor oil, gasoline, diesel, and fuel additives
• Brake-transmission-power steering fluid, degreasers (20 gallons max)
• Pool chemicals, fire extinguishers and gas cylinders
• Compact fluorescent light bulbs
• Stain, varnish, turpentine, cleaners, adhesives
• Oil paint, paint thinners, solvents, cleaners, adhesives
• Pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and other lawn chemicals

Guidelines for Household Hazardous Waste Program
Hazardous waste should be placed at the top of your driveway no later than 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled date.  Items which are placed out after your scheduled appointment will not be collected.  
Place items neatly boxed in front of your garage or front door.
Do not place items in the sidewalk or roadway.