Youngtown 2025 Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Youngtown 2025 Parks, Open Space, Trails & Recreation Master Plan Process

Upcoming Events

January 17th
- Council 1st Reading of Master Plan

February 7th - Council 2nd Reading of Master Plan. Public Comment 30-day period opens. Please submit all comments to one of the staff members listed below. 

March 7th -  Public comment 30-day period ends. 

March 21st - Public Comment at the Town Council Meeting. 

April 4th - Final Report to Council. 

Please contact the staff person(s) listed below with any comments or questions regarding the Master Plan. 

Your participation is crucial to our success!

Nicole Smart at (623) 933-8286 or e-mail:
[email protected]

Gregory Arrington at (623) 933-8286 or e-mail:
[email protected]