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Unless otherwise noted, all proposal and bid openings will be conducted at Town Hall in the Conference Room. 






Project Name: Youngtown Sidewalk Improvement Project - Phase II

Project No.   CDBG21YT

Bid Opening Date                   December 20, 2022, at 10:00 a.m.

Location of Bid Opening:        Office of the Town Clerk, 12030 North Clubhouse Square,   Youngtown Arizona 85363

Town Staff Contact:                Gregory Arrington

Bid Documents available at:  Town of Youngtown, 12030 North Clubhouse Square, Youngtown, Arizona 85363 and

Date and Location for Submittal of Bids:  Sealed bids will be received at the Town of Youngtown in the Town Clerk’s office, 12030 North Clubhouse Square, Youngtown, Arizona 85363 until 10:00 a.m. MST, December 20, 2022, for furnishing all necessary labor, equipment, materials and performing all work for the Project.  Any bid received after the time specified will be returned unopened.  It is the bidder’s responsibility to assure proposals are received at the above location on or before the specified time. The sealed envelope must be clearly marked with the bidder’s name and in the lower right-hand corner of the sealed envelope “Youngtown Sidewalk Improvements Project”.

Copies of the Contract Documents, including plans and specifications, are available for viewing and inspection at the office of Town of Youngtown, Town Clerk’s office, 12030 North Clubhouse Square, Youngtown, Arizona 85363 or

Those interested in having individual sets of the Contract Documents may obtain copies from the Town Clerk or Contract Documents will be shipped only if bidder assumes responsibility for all related shipping charges.  The Town is not responsible for damaged or missing Contract Documents shipped.

Pre-Bid Conference: A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held on December 8, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. The pre-bid conference will include a site walk of the project area. Attendees will meet at Town Hall (12030 N Clubhouse Square).

Project Summary:  The Youngtown Sidewalk Improvement Project Phase II is a federally assisted project using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding through the Maricopa Urban County CDBG program.  All related CDBG funding regulations and laws will be enforced, including Davis Bacon and Related Acts and HUD Section 3 Part 75 subpart C. Construction work, in general, consists of providing a safe pedestrian route compliant with current Proposed Accessibility Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities in the public right-of-way (“PROWAG”) requirements.  The Project consists, in total, of approximately 10,000 linear feet of ADA compliant sidewalk in the area bounded by West Peoria Avenue to West Connecticut Avenue and North 111th Avenue to North 114th Avenue.  Work includes installation of sidewalk, curb ramps, reconstruction of non-compliant driveways, and ramps in the area, as well as landscape re-establishment and the removal/relocation of existing features, such as driveways, signs, mailboxes, fire hydrants, and other features that are required to complete the work, and other incidental work.

Bid Security:  Each bid shall be in accordance with the Contract Documents.  Any bid which does not conform in all material respects to the Contract Documents will be considered non-responsive.  Each bid shall be submitted on the bid form(s) included in the Contract Documents; shall be accompanied by a certified or cashier’s check or bid bond for ten percent (10%) of the amount of the bid, made payable to the order of the Town of Youngtown and shall be included in the bid as a guarantee that the successful bidder will enter into a contract to perform the work in accordance with the Contract Documents.  The bid bond shall be executed pursuant to Section 1.4.1 of the Contract Documents, and solely by a surety company or companies holding a certificate of authority to transact surety business in the State of Arizona issued by the Director of the Department of Insurance pursuant to Title 20, Chapter 2, Article 1.

All bid securities will be returned to the bidders whose bids are not accepted, except for the three lowest bidders.  The bid security of the three lowest bidder(s) will be returned immediately after the fully completed Contract Documents have been executed.  The difference between the amount specified in the bid and such larger amount for which Town may in good faith contract with another party to perform the work covered by the bid, not to exceed the amount of the bond penalty, shall be declared forfeited as liquidated damages if the successful bidder refuses to enter into the contract and provide the bonds and certificates of insurance after being requested so to do by the Town of Youngtown.

Bid Opening:  Bids will be opened at the office of the Town Clerk, 12030 North Clubhouse Square, Youngtown, Arizona 85363, and the proposed bid price will be publicly read aloud immediately after the time for receiving bids has expired as set forth above.  The Town reserves the right to postpone the bid opening date at any time prior to bid opening.

A Non-Collusion Affidavit executed by bidder shall be submitted with the bid.

Right to Reject Bids:  The Town of Youngtown reserves the right to reject any or all bids, waive any informality in a bid or to withhold the award for any reason the Town of Youngtown determines.

Equal Opportunity:  The Town of Youngtown is an equal opportunity employer.  Minority and women’s business enterprises are encouraged to submit bids on this Project.


Addemdum Number 1 - 12/13/2022 
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