Historical Museum

The Youngtown Public Library Manager oversees the Historical Museum in Clubhouse Square. Tours may be scheduled during Library hours.

History of Youngtown    
  • Shortly after WWII, Gilbert and Frances Greer purchased a 320-acre property for a large cattle ranch.
  • 1947: Ben Schliefer came to Arizona to visit a friend in a nursing home. "Big Ben" then had a vision of creating an active retirement community.
  • 1949: Gilbert Greer passed away and Elmer Johns arrived to help manage the ranch.1954: The Youngtown Development Company was formed, consisting of Ben Schleifer, Frances Greer and Elmer Johns.  Ben Schleifer had the idea of an active retirement community, Frances Greer had the ranch and Elmer Johns thought that the idea and ranch could be brought together.
  • 1955: 125 homes were built, 85 lots had been sold and only 40 lots remained.
  • 1957: Youngtown was featured on the national TV show Wide Wide World, by Dave Garroway. This led to national attention for the area and a new retirement movement began.
  • 1960: Youngtown incorporated.
  • 1960: Sun City was also launched, which triggered economic development for Youngtown. The Post Office, a Bank, A J Bayless Grocery Store, gas station and pharmacy in Town meant that residents did not need to travel to other areas for their shopping.
  • 1960: The nation's first AARP Chapter was established in Youngtown.
  • 1966: Sheriff Nofs was shot and killed. Youngtown began to realize that the Town was no longer isolated.
  • 1970's: Custom homes started to be built and Youngtown became designated a bedroom community.
  • Late 1970's: Margaret Chittenden became the Town's first female police officer.
  • 1986: The Senior Age Overlay was challenged.
  • 1995: The Youngtown Water Company was sold.
  • 1996: The new Library building was constructed.
  • 1998: The Senior Age Overlay was overturned through a ruling by the State Attorney General. Younger people and families came to Youngtown and activities for children and playgrounds were needed.
  • 2001: Daphne Green became the Town's first female mayor.
  • 2001: Youngtown joined the Sun City Fire District.
  • 2001: Voters elected to directly vote for the Office of the Mayor.
  • 2001: The Manager / Council form of government was established. The Town's first Town Manager, Mark Fooks, was hired.
  • 2002: Agua Fria Ranch subdivision was developed. The population of the Town doubled, and even more families and children became residents.
  • 2006: The firing of the Town Manager sparked a recall election of the Mayor and two Council Members.
  • 2007: Cisco became the Town's first K-9 Officer.
  • 2008: Chief Kimberly Johnson became the Town's first female Chief of Police.
  • 2008: Lucille Retheford became the Town's first Person of the Year: 2007.
  • 2009: Youngtown Historical Society was dissolved and the Youngtown Historical Museum established.
  • 2011: The Town's Police Department was dissolved and Maricopa County Sheriff's Department (MCSO) became the Town's Law Enforcement Agency.
  • 2013: Remodeling of Youngtown Public Library