Beer/Liquor License

Before a business can be approved for a beer and liquor license, they must contact Community Development at 623-933-8286, ext. 117 to make sure they are located in the correct zone, and inspections must be done by the Building Inspector and Sun City Fire and Medical District Fire Marshall.

Once all zoning checks and inspections are complete, the business must submit a Beer / Liquor License Application to the Arizona Liquor Department of Licenses and Control. The application can either be mailed or brought to the office at:

Town of Youngtown
Town Clerk
12030 Clubhouse Square
Youngtown, AZ 85363

Once the application has been submitted, it will go before the Town Council for approval. Upon approval by Town Council, the license will be mailed to the Arizona Department Liquor Board. If approved by the Arizona Department Liquor Board, the license will be sent to applicant; who will bring the approved license to the Town Clerk for final processing.