Our Community


This one word perfectly articulates the essence of Youngtown, a community of 6,200 with a distinct village feel, located in the midst of the thriving megalopolis of Phoenix, Arizona. Originally designed to be a retirement community, the Town boasts a lovely lake, seven parks, and a distinctively designed town center named Clubhouse Square. 

Youngtown has morphed from a community of 80% post-55 residents to one of 80% young people. Families abound, and the Town is changing with the times. Leadership and management have boldly moved to rejuvenate the Town - increasing landscape and introducing public art. 

Youngtown’s commercial centers, built in the 1950-60s, have been losing their vitality. These are currently being refurbished with the aid of a newly-forged public/private partnership with the Town. 

The Community is encouraging the revitalization of commercial and residential areas into pedestrian-oriented developments that provide a variety of commercial mixes within a convenient walking distance.

At the core of the Town's new brand is the promotion of a distinct, unified theme that will reinforce the branding process and improve the market attractiveness of the area for investments by the private and public sectors.

Planning to create a vibrant live/work area along the main corridor of North 111th Avenue is being incorporated into the Town's vision for the future.