Youngtown Arts Commission


The Youngtown Arts Commission was established in 2016 to communicate to the Town Council on matters regarding the acquisition, maintenance and disposition of works of art, public art displays, monuments and memorials.

The Youngtown Arts Commission provides numerous benefits to the Town by creating and sustaining public value in a wide range of important ways:

Education – K-12 students who study art learn invaluable life and professional skills that prepare them for the 21st century workplace in which creativity and integrative thinking, as well as team work, self-discipline and self-confidence are essential. These students excel in student activities and become more actively engaged in civics. The arts are well known to have saved the lives of children at risk because they reach us in deeply personal ways. And we now know that engagement in the arts throughout a lifetime and, in particular, in our senior years, can have profound effects on our health and well-being.

Economic and Community Development - The arts have proven themselves to be powerful engines to support the growth and development of healthy and economically viable communities. Artwork and the art institutions themselves provide and support other jobs, and make downtowns more attractive to people and other businesses. The millions of people who attend art events spend twice their ticket price in the local economy. They give identity and character to towns and neighborhoods. They are catalysts for bringing people and neighborhoods together.

Identity, Celebration, Commemoration and Community Building - The arts are immensely powerful forces in building our sense of identity and in harmonizing and celebrating the astonishing cultural diversity of our community. In all matters of social crisis and tragedy, it is the arts that we turn to for healing. They teach us tolerance, respect and understanding for other cultures. They celebrate our social, religious and communal values. We almost reflexively turn to the arts to commemorate the great accomplishments and events of our society. They are what we bestow upon future generations with our greatest sense of pride and accomplishment.

This Commission meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Commission Members Term Expiration


In accordance with the Arizona Open Meeting Laws, the Youngtown Arts Commission Agendas, Minutes and Summary Actions are accessible from this page (see link below).

For the convenience of those who do not have access to the internet and in compliance with the Arizona Open Meeting Laws, Commission Agendas are posted no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting at the following locations:

1. Posting Board outside the east side of Town Hall - 12030 North Clubhouse Square.

2. Posting Board outside on the north side of the Council Chambers - 12033 North Clubhouse Square.

3. Posting Board outside the east side of the restrooms at Maricopa Lake Park - 114th and Connecticut Avenues.

4. Posting Board outside the north side of the restrooms at David C. Uribe Park - North of Olive Avenue on Agua Fria Ranch Parkway.

Please click  here to view Agendas and Minutes for the Youngtown Arts Commission.