Permits & Plan review

Building Permits
Thinking of Building? Need a Permit? 
Whether a garage is being altered or a shop being built, a building permit is required. A permit serves three purposes:

  • Ensures that safety standards will be met because the constructor is being advised at permitting of the various requirements for the project
  • Indicates that the Town has accepted the alteration or addition of the construction with respect to aesthetics
  • Keeps the neighbors happy

Did you know that you are required to have a permit for your seasonal pool?
Please click on this link and fill out the Seasonal Pool application prior to installation.

Fees for permits vary based on the scope of the project.

Building is Better in Youngtown!
Two (2) copies of your plans are required to be submitted to the Community Development Department. Fees are based on the cost of the affiliated building permit fees as explained in the Schedule of Fees.

Are you using a contractor? Be sure you are using a Registry of Contractor registered contractor. Protect your investment and visit the Arizona Registry of Contractors Most Wanted page for contractors to stay away from! In addition to having a valid ROC, all contractors must have a business license with the Town of Youngtown before they can begin work. Call Town Hall at (623) 933-8286 to verify if your contractor is licensed before you sign a contract. 

Have you ever had your plans accepted only to learn that you now had to face a Sign Review Committee? In Youngtown, this, too, is taken care of within the process of plan review. We save you time and money.

In some areas of Youngtown, commercial fee schedules may be negotiable, depending on the economic value of the commercial development to theTown. Please refer to Gregory Arrington, Community Development Manager for information regarding potential savings.

Youngtown is proud to announce that it has implemented mixed zoning in certain areas of the Town. The Youngtown Zoning Map indicates the current zones; however, these are being altered to embrace a Residential Neighborhood Commercial (RNC) area along 111th Avenue, from Peoria Avenue to Grand Avenue.

For more information regarding RNC is available from Gregory Arrington.