Trash and Recycle
Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc. provides a variety of solid waste services, including:
  • weekly residential refuse collection
  • weekly recycling collectionParks & Sons Logo
  • bi-yearly residential bulk trash collection (click the logo to view dates)
  • Note: All services above begin as early as 5:00 A.M.

Please Bag & Tie
The Town of Youngtown and  Maricopa County Environmental Services requires that all refuse prepared for collection be bagged and securely tied to exclude flies and other pests. This includes grass clippings and yard waste. Bagging and tying keeps your container clean and reduces odors.

Technical Guidelines for Developers and Contractors

In February 2003, the ADEQ issued the first Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZDES) General Permit for Discharge from Construction Activities to Waters of the United States (Permit No. AZG2003-001); commonly referred to as the Construction General Permit (CGP). The CGP authorizes stormwater discharges from construction-related activities disturbing at least one (1) acre. The permit also covers construction support activities such as staging areas where clearing, grading, excavating and stockpiling of fill material. Permit waivers are also available from  ADEQ under very specific circumstances for sites less than five (5) acres in size. The CGP generally, like all AZPDES based permits, expires every five (5) years. 

ADEQ Reporting Period: 01-July 2021 to June 30-2022
ADEQ Reporting Period: 01-July-2022 to 30-June-2023.

We need your help.  If you suspect a spill or illegal dumping is occuring, please report it to us by submitting to the email link below to the Public Works Manager.

1. Gather information to report to Public Works Manager- email link below
  • When did the spill occur?
  • Where is the spill?
  • What was spilled?
  • How much was spilled?
  • Is anyone cleaning it up?
  • Who was responsible for the spill (if applicable)?
  • Who is reporting the spill?
2. Report to the Town
  • If you have any photos, please attached them when submitting the email to Public Works Manager.
     Submit your information here to Public Works Manager

There are some non-stormwater discharges that are allowed into the  municipal storm sewer network, including clean irragation water, sump pump discharges, water from fire-fighting activities, and most residential car washing.