Circulation Policies

Checkout Limits:
In order to maintain an adequate selection of materials in the library, limits have been placed on the number of items that may be checked out to patrons.

  • A maximum of 35 items including books, DVDs, Blu-rays, and kits may be checked out per library card.
  • Chromebook/Hotspot Kits are limited to 1 kit per household. Patron must be 18+ to checkout.
  • Kits are limited to 1 kit per household. Patron must be 18+ to checkout.


Loan Period:
Books, kits, and Chromebook/Hotspot Kits are checked out for 21 days.

DVDs and Blu-rays are checked out for 7 days.

Reference materials, newspapers, and magazines do not circulate.


Renewal of Materials:
Items will automatically renew up to the renewal limit of 4 renewals as long as there are no holds placed on the item.  In addition, Patrons may call, go online, or renew items in person.  Chromebook/Hotspot Kits are renewable in person only and will not automatically renew.  There is no limit on the number of items that may be renewed.  Items may not be renewed if an item is on hold for another patron. 

Overdue Materials and Fees:

Chromebook/Hotspot Kit:   $5.00 per day


Payment of fees will be in cash only.  The maximum late fee for the Chromebook/Hotspot Kits is $150.00.  After 30 days, all non-returned items will be declared lost and the replacement cost of the item(s) will be charged. There is a $5.00 processing fee in addition to the replacement fee for each unreturned or lost item.  Library Manager may waive or reduce charges if they determine extenuating circumstances so warrant.  Accumulated fees of $5.00 or more will result in the loss of borrowing privileges or computer use.


Damaged Items:

All returned items will be assessed for damage.  Patrons will be charged the cost of replacement of the damaged items as well as a $5.00 processing fee.


Collecting Fees:
The Youngtown Public Library may utilize the services of a collection agency to retrieve seriously overdue items, after trying to obtain either financial compensation for the material or the return of the items. A Library patron, parent or guardian is responsible for not only the cost of the returned items, but also any additional charges for collection.  Account balance may be adjusted by the return of outstanding materials.  Borrowing privileges will be suspended until the collection debt has been fully satisfied, unless approved by the Library Manager.  Youngtown Public Library may also use the assistance of the Youngtown Public Safety Department to collect fines and/or materials.