Business Licenses

The Town Clerk is responsible for processing Business License applications, renewals and appeals for businesses operating within the boundaries of the Town of Youngtown.  These business licenses are regulated by the applicable State Codes and Town Ordinances and serve to raise revenue through a privilege tax.

It is unlawful to practice any trade, profession or business in Youngtown without first obtaining a business license. An Arizona Department of Revenue Transaction Privilege Tax License (TPT) is required for all retail sales, along with a Food Handler’s Permit from Maricopa County Environmental Services Department for the preparation and serving of food.

Store Front Businesses 
Store-Front businesses are those that operate in a shop environment. These require an inspection of the premises by the Town of Youngtown Building Inspector.  Please bring in your application to the Town Clerk's office located at 12030 Clubhouse Square and we will arrange all necessary inspections. 

A word of caution: Do not sign a lease until you check with us! 

Town staff will determine whether the business you are considering is permitted under the Town’s zoning laws. We will also advise you regarding an appropriate commercial district for the type of business you plan to operate. 

Transient Businesses
Transient businesses are those that are based elsewhere but plan to operate in Youngtown must be licensed as such. This requirement includes all contractors and sub-contractors working in the Town.

Home Occupation Businesses
Home Occupation businesses have achieved great popularity with the advent of Internet sales. These businesses must also be licensed according to the above guidelines, and are limited in their scope by Town Ordinances. 

Business License Application
Change of Business Name (not to be used for a change in ownership)
Legal Arizona Workers Act Compliance (to be completed for an individual or sole proprietor only)
License Eligibility Verification Form (to be completed by any organization that is not a sole proprietor)
Home Occupation Limitations
Property Management Company Registration

Should you have additional questions regarding a business license, please contact our office at (623) 933-8286 or email the Town Clerk