Stormwater Management

The Town of Youngtown’s Stormwater Management Plan is designed to address the need to prevent or reduce discharges of pollutants to State waters.  The Plan specifically considers the six Minimum Control Measures outlined in the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) General Permit AZG2021-002 for small municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s).

The Best Management Practices (BMP’s) presented here have been proposed because they address the minimum control measures, are appropriate for the Town of Youngtown’s Stormwater system, are measurable, are anticipated to make improvements in the Town’s stormwater quality and are achievable.  The following planned activities are categorized  by the six AZPDES Phase II minimum control measures.  For each BMP, the appropriate measurable goals are delineated along with a schedule including an indicated frequency of planned actions, interim milestones and a date which BMP implementation will be established.

The Town of Youngtown was incorporated in 1960.  The Town has an area of just over 1.5 square miles with a population of 6,926 residents.  Over 90 percent of the available land in the Town is developed and only a small portion of the remaining lands can be developed.  The Town has 2,831 residential structures, 105 small businesses and does not have heavy industry within its boundaries.  The Town does not own or operate a water treatment facility or sewage disposal system.  The Town has a very small staff and operates with a small budget.  The Public Works Manager will be designated to oversee the Stormwater Management Program for the Town of Youngtown.

The Town has reviewed its current stormwater practices and has developed this Plan, to address the requirements of reducing, to the maximum extent practicable and pollutants discharged from outfalls owned or operated by the Town.  The management plan follows criteria of Part V, providing the information requested and including the Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for each minimum control measure.  To view the Plan, please click here.

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